Better Together

About Us

Welcome to the Compass Japanese Community!  We understand it takes a community to provide the best learning experience to our students in our ever changing world. This is a community where teachers who are using Compass Japanese Interactive Workbook in their classrooms to share ideas and support each other.  

What to Expect

Did you ever wish you could have a colleague to bounce teaching ideas off with or simply talk to about your day? Many Japanese teachers teach in isolation. No more. In our community, you will find useful teaching resources, intriguing articles, engaging webinars, self paced online courses, and down-to-earth teacher-to-teacher discussion threads by fellow Compass Japanese users around the world like you! You can ask questions to the group or specific teachers via text anytime. In addition, you can request personal coaching sessions with our host Yo Azama, too! Oh, don't forget to share your ideas and materials with other community members as well... as Sharing is Caring:-) 

Now What?

Are you already using the Compass Japanese Interactive Workbook? Or perhaps you want to use it in your class? Great! Join us by clicking the Request to Join

If you haven't seen the Compass Japanese Interactive Workbook yet, visit this site and receive a sample copy. Examine the workbook and if it's something you would like to use in your class, click the Request to Join icon above.